Posted on 15/11/2013

Excellent Safeguarding with Mobile Phones for Disabled & Elderly People

Excellent Safeguarding with Mobile Phones for Disabled & Elderly People

Where once upon a time mobile phones and other such gadgets were for the young and the idea of using a mobile phone for an elderly person was alien, today almost everyone has a mobile and those that are vulnerable benefit most from them. Mobile phones for disabled people are an ideal method of safeguarding them. Not only because they will have the ability to call family, friends or emergency services on the go but because, thanks to advances in mobile phone technology, there are many other functions such as GPS tracking that come in useful.

The Simple Mobile Phone and Alarm

Mobile phones have gone through a transition, starting out huge and quite cumbersome and then shrinking to what some might have considered excessively small. Most recently, with the emergence of Smart phones and all the functions that go with them, phones have started to grow again making them a sort of hybrid between a tablet and mobile phone.

Did you know that there are mobile phones out there that are designed specifically for the disabled and elderly people? NRS Healthcare aim to provide all manner of mobility equipment and daily living aids, from simple designs to the more technologically advanced. The Simple Mobile Phone & Alarm from NRS has been designed with the disabled and elderly people in mind and as the name suggests has been kept simple so that the complicated functions of the phone don’t bamboozle the user. This model is considered one of the best mobile phones for disabled users and it even incorporates a SOS button that when pressed instantly dials 999. A preset list of emergency contacts can be set up so that when the SOS button is pressed a text message to this affect will be sent to each number on this list.

Get in Touch with NRS Healthcare for Mobile phones for disabled and other daily living aids

If you would like to find out more about the mobile phones for disabled you can find out more on our website. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to someone with regards to any of the products we provide you can contact us on 0845 287 2486.

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