Posted on 09/08/2013

Examination Gloves Help Safeguard You and Your Loved Ones Against Infection

Examination Gloves Help Safeguard You and Your Loved Ones Against Infection

We have all heard the stories in the news of epidemics sweeping the country, in our homes and in the hospitals, all down to a lack of basic hygiene. The recent ‘catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ campaign aimed towards educating and encouraging us all to do our bit to stave off the spread of infections. We can do our best to ensure we keep ourselves and our environment free of harmful bacteria but sometimes we need to take extra precautions to safeguard ourselves and loved ones from infection. Something as simple as a pair of examination gloves can protect us from harmful substances and reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria and infections.

Reduce the Risk of the Spread of Infection with Examination Gloves

If you care for someone who is elderly or suffers from certain disabilities that would require you to support them in day to day tasks, then you will be well aware that this often entails situations where cross infection is a possibility. You have a responsibility to protect yourself as well as those you come into contact with. Examination gloves ensure you are protected and once you have completed the task requiring the use of gloves you can safely dispose of them ensuring that you will not be carrying any harmful bacteria with you. NRS Healthcare provide a range of examination gloves that you can choose from. Because we are aware that latex allergies are common we also supply vinyl gloves. Health professionals are required by law to wear examination gloves when handling and examining patients but sterile examination gloves are also handy to have around the home. When you are dealing with even minor injuries such as cuts, grazes or burns you need to ensure your hands are clean. Sterile gloves are a sure fire way to protect you and your loved ones from infection caused by bacteria from unclean hands.

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