Posted on 03/08/2013

Ensure Safety and Comfort with a Bath Seat from NRS Healthcare

Ensure Safety and Comfort with a Bath Seat from NRS Healthcare

If bath time has started to become a chore or a dangerous exercise that stirs feeling of dread due to fear of a fall, then it might be time to consider taking measures to ensure safety and comfort. Bath time should be relaxing and you should be able to bath your loved ones that need your support without the worry that once they’re in the bath they might incur a serious injury. With a bath seat from NRS Healthcare, you can go back to enjoying bath time.

Enjoy Bath Time Again with a Bath Seat from NRS

One particular bath chair that we are proud to showcase is the fantastic and convenient Otter bath chair. This chair is very flexible and the seat and back can be adjusted to multiple angles for convenience and comfort. Available in three sizes and easily transportable, the Otter bath chair is ideal for children and small adults with mild to moderate physical disabilities. The frame height can be adjusted as well as the positioning supports whilst never compromising on safety. For more freedom whilst bathing you can even remove the fabric seat to just allow the back as support. Bath time should not be a worry and when you are aiding someone with their bathing, especially children, you want to make it an enjoyable and bonding experience for both of you. With a bath seat such as the Otter bath chair from NRS Healthcare you can achieve just that.

NRS Healthcare also offer a range of other bathroom aids. Something as simple as a bathroom grab rail can make moving around the bathroom a safer experience. Even something so simple as bath rails can make getting in and out of the bath a less laborious and safer activity.

Restoring Independence with our Daily Living Aids

With our wealth of experience and knowledge we are able to present to you a plethora of daily living aids in and around the homes that make life less of a struggle and give you the ability to live your life fully and independently. Browse our NRS Healthcare website to see the full range of the products we have to offer.

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