Posted on 25/11/2013

Enhance Safety and Comfort with Bed Raisers from NRS Healthcare

Enhance Safety and Comfort with Bed Raisers from NRS Healthcare

The majority of standard beds are designed to be comfortable and suitable for the average person but do not take into account the trouble with mobility and balance that the elderly, disabled or people recovering from injury might encounter when getting in and especially out of them. Many are too low and this can make getting out of them again safely almost impossible for sufferers of limited mobility and body strength. Bed raisers from NRS Healthcare work by elevating the bed to a more comfortable and safe height.

Bed Raisers provide Excellent Support

When rising from a bed that is low, this can require a significant amount of upper body strength, unfortunately this is something some people do not have very much of and as such this can cause pain and discomfort. Trying to stand from a bed with little upper body strength for support can be unsafe and lead to injury. Bed raisers and multipurpose raisers are adjustable so they can be adjusted to the optimum height for the individual.

Another excellent piece of equipment we provide that is ideal for those who struggle with mobility and being on their feet for any length of time is the wheeled rollator. NRS Healthcare provide a range of rollators. With a seat and carry sack or basket included, rollators provide excellent support when getting around indoors and outdoors.

Contacting NRS Healthcare

We stock over 2,500 aids for daily living that cover a range of needs. You can view all these on our website. Our search options on our website mean that finding what you need is easy. You can search by room, task or common health problem. In addition, to ensure you get the most out of the products from NRS Healthcare we provide a product advisory service. You can contact us on 0845 287 2070.

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