Posted on 02/10/2013

Effective and Innovative Aids for Dementia Sufferers and their Carers

Effective and Innovative Aids for Dementia Sufferers and their Carers

Memory loss can be the result of a range of conditions from depressions right through to just being down to age related memory deterioration. Sometimes, memory loss can be a symptom of something much more serious such as Dementia. Any disease or illness can be harrowing for not only the sufferer but for the loved ones around them but Dementia is notorious for being particularly devastating for the sufferer and loved ones. NRS Healthcare are here to help lessen the suffering through tools and aids for Dementia.

NRS Healthcare have a Varied Range of Aids for Dementia

Dementia affects around 800,000 people in the United Kingdom alone and is most common in those over 65. Not only does Dementia affect the memory of sufferers but other symptoms can include delayed thinking speed, poor mental agility as well as affecting language, understanding and judgement. There is no cure for Dementia but it can be stalled and with the proper treatment and support, sufferers can continue to lead their lives as normal.

Aids for Dementia can come in many shapes, sizes and uses. NRS Healthcares range of aids for dementia includes carer alarm systems that can alert carers when assistance is needed. This includes falls prevention alarms. Location tracking and wandering detection devices feature in our range and are invaluable to help those that may be prone to losing their way. Specially designed telephones with instant dial also help those likely to forget numbers or who to phone in case of emergency. Medication management devices are great for anyone who suffers even slight memory problems and who are required to take regular doses of medication at certain times.

Therapy for those who suffer from Dementia is vital. Reminiscing can have a calming and positive effect and our range of reminiscing aids are a great way to turn this into a positive activity.

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