Posted on 09/09/2013

Educational Disability Resources from NRS Healthcare

Educational Disability Resources from NRS Healthcare

The trick to effectively providing care for the disabled is to have thorough knowledge and understanding of the disability they are suffering from. It could be that you, yourself have recently been diagnosed with a disability and you would like to know more about it. Here at NRS Healthcare we don’t just provide aids that help people physically, we also provide educational disability resources to help people learn and get ideas on what activities can aid in rehabilitation.

Guides for Groupwork and Activities

Caring for the disabled is not just about helping them to carry out routine day to day tasks. Everyone needs entertainment, exercise and mental stimulation. The disability resources we provide can help you to be more understanding of disabilities as well as provide you with innovative ideas on how to enhance and improve the quality of life of the person or people under your care. We provide disability resources that cover a wide range of issues such as feeding and swallowing disorders in children as well as those suffering from dementia. Groupwork is also a great way to stimulate and encourage social interaction. With books advising on methods of song, quiz and memory groupwork you are sure to find something to fit your scenario. We constantly update our resources to keep the information relevant and up to date.

Disability Resources and Much, Much More

We provide all manner of daily living aids ranging from disability resources all the way through to door access systems. If you are interested in disability resources, a door access system or any other aids for daily living from NRS Healthcare, you can browse our website to get a better understanding of what we have to offer. We currently provide almost 2,500 different products and this number is always increasing. You can order online or alternatively contact us by phone on 0845 287 3096.

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