Posted on 19/07/2013

Easily Move in Your Bathroom with Bath Rails

Easily Move in Your Bathroom with Bath Rails

The bathroom can be a tough place to navigate for those with mobility problems. Generally small rooms, they are full of obstacles and slippery surfaces which are made all the more treacherous when wet. But bathing and hygiene shouldn’t be a worrisome chore, and with the help of bath rails and bath seats from NRS, it doesn’t have to be.

Make Bathing Easier with Bath Rails

Climbing in and out of the bath is one of the riskiest moves for those with mobility issues – and this is why bath rails are so popular and useful. NRS offer a huge range of bath rails which cover almost every area of the bathroom to ensure you’ve got support when you need it the most. Many bath rails fit to the bath itself, providing sturdy support when climbing in and out of the bath. Bath rails are available to fit around shelves for more subtle assistance, while the Step and Stool hand rail is ideal for those with unsteady balance that require that bit of extra height to get in the bathtub.

Stainless steel bath rails look attractive in the modern bathroom and can be used as a sitting aid in addition to providing assistance for climbing in the bath. Those that are unsteady on their feet may benefit from a bath seat. Placed in the bath, it provides a stable surface to make bathing easier, while the bath transfer seat is provides a seat for showering and exiting the bath too.

Mobility Aids for All Requirements

Bathing is a fundamental part of life and here at NRS we believe everyone should be able to shower comfortably. Our bath rails and bathing aids are designed to make it easier for those who struggle with mobility to enjoy a bath or shower, while our vast selection of mobility aids cater for just about every requirement.

If you would like more information regarding our bathing or other mobility products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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