Posted on 07/02/2014

Discover the Benefits of Mobility Aids for Cars from NRS Healthcare

Discover the Benefits of Mobility Aids for Cars from NRS Healthcare

We all know how convenient cars are for getting us from A to B, but what happens when this stops becoming convenient due to disability and mobility issues? Even getting in and out of the car can become troublesome which can stop car journeys being the suitable option. Mobility aids for cars are designed to help those who are struggling to overcome some of these issues.

Get in and out with Ease with Car Transfer Aids

One of the main areas in which many struggle when taking car rides is getting in and out of the vehicle. This is especially so with small cars or if the user is confined to a wheelchair. Included in NRS Healthcare’s range of mobility aids for cars is our selection of car transfer aids.

Car transfer aids are designed to allow for easy access to car seats and many work by reducing the need to strain or twist into uncomfortable positions when transferring in and out of the car. Car swivel seats prove popular with many of our customers thanks to their simple yet functional design. The swivel seats in our range of car transfer aids are designed to be just like cushions and are easily placed on the car seat. The user simply sits on the transfer seat and by then taking the weight off their legs they can use the cushion to smoothly rotate their whole body into position.

The Handy Bar and Car Caddy

When moving from a sitting to a standing position, some people require some momentum to hoist themselves up. This is especially so when leg strength is limited. In this case, the handy bar and car caddie are the ideal solution. These work just like the grab rails that you will find in most NRS Healthcare categories. Although slightly different in their design, the handy bar and car caddy provide the user with a solid support grip to grab hold of when hoisting themselves out of a car. These can be easily fitted in the car without the need for tools which also means they can be removed when not in use.

Enhance Comfort with Car Support Cushions

Comfort should not be considered a luxury and car journeys should not have to cause any discomfort. Support cushions for the elderly and disabled feature in our range of bathroom aids but we also provide support cushions suitable as mobility aids for cars. These are excellent for ensuring that car journeys do not cause any pain and days out can be a more enjoyable experience.

Contact NRS for Advice on Our Mobility Aids for Cars

If you are interested in any mobility aids for cars from NRS Healthcare you can place your order online. Alternatively, you can give the team a call where you can place your order. We also provide a free product advisory service so if you are unsure of the functionality or suitability of any of our mobility equipment and disability aids we urge you to contact the team on 0845 287 2407.

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