Posted on 03/08/2020

Dining out Post-lockdown: what has changed?


What are the new COVID-19 guidelines for restaurants and how can customers stay safe while making the most of the new Eat Out to Help Out Scheme this August?

As the government introduces their new Eat Out to Help Out scheme this month we explore the new changes you can expect to see when dining out, how the new scheme works and how you can protect yourself and others when dining out.

How are restaurants keeping their customers safe?

If you’re visiting a restaurant for the first time after lockdown you will notice that there are a few changes. Restaurants are following new guidelines from the government to ensure they are keeping their customers safe and reducing the spread of infection. This will include staff wearing face masks or visors, hand sanitising stations for customers and having a customer guestbook so they can work in line with government’s Contact Tracing scheme. To ensure social distancing can be maintained many restaurants will be working at reduced capacity as well as implementing new one-way and queuing systems.

Do customers need to wear masks at a restaurant?

If a customer is going for a sit-down meal at a restaurant they don’t need to wear a mask. However, if picking up a take-away or visiting a café or coffee shop they will need to wear a face mask or covering. If you’re visiting other shops or reaching the destination by public transport a mask or covering must be worn.

What safety measures can you take as a customer?

Even though restaurants are doing as much as they can to keep customers safe, there are measures you should take yourself if you’re planning on dining out. Keeping hand sanitiser in a bag or pocket will allow you to keep your hands germ free in-between times when you can wash your hands. Customers must still only visit indoor restaurants with members of one other household, but this also includes anyone who is in a bubble with either household. As always, continuing to social distance and practice good hygiene is the best way to reduce the risk of infection.

What is the new Eat Out to Help Out Scheme?

On the 3rd August the government launched their new Eat Out to Help Out scheme in which any restaurants who sign up can offer their customers up to £10 discount each on their meal and any non-alcoholic drinks. The discount will apply from Monday to Wednesday each week in August and you can find which restaurants have signed up to the scheme on the government website. The restaurants will be able to claim back the discount from the government, which they hope will encourage customers back into restaurants where they can enjoy dining out after lockdown.

Getting the right support for your health and mobility

When spending time away from home some people may require other kinds of support, such as a walking aid or support with their toileting. At NRS Healthcare, we provide a wide range of mobility aids, such as walking sticks and rollators that can help to keep people who are living with reduced balance or mobility stay independent for longer and enjoy the time they spend out and about. We also provide essentials, such as incontinence pads and pants, and the handy radar key that allows access to locked disabled toilets across the country.

If you are dining out this August, remember to stay safe and follow the COVID guidelines, then all that’s left to do is enjoy your meal! If you would like to browse the full range of products offered by NRS Healthcare please visit our website.

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