Posted on 17/08/2012

Create a safer home with Bathroom Grab Rails

Create a safer home with Bathroom Grab Rails

Few places in the home are more dangerous, and account for more accidents, than the bathroom. The combination of water, smooth tiled surfaces and even smoother ceramic baths and shower cubicles, make for an accident waiting to happen. And if your balance, movement or confidence are already limited by disability, infirmity or old age, then bathrooms can be a particularly worrying place.

Yet the solution to bathroom stability is easy and cheap, thanks to the range of bathroom grab rails available from Nottingham Rehab Supplies. Bathroom grab rails and shower grab rails can be installed wherever you need them, giving you something solid and reassuring to hold on to as yet step in and out of your bath or shower. Bathroom grab rails and shower grab rails come in a wide variety of sizes, from twelve inches to twenty four inches, with a range of grip styles. Best of all they are highly affordable, with prices from just £7 for our basic 12” grab rail, to only £19.99 for our top of the range 24” grab rail with comfort grip.

You can even enjoy the confidence and convenience of a grab rail when you are away on holiday or visiting friends, with our portable versions. With strong suction cups, these handy helpers can be installed in seconds as bathroom grab rails or shower grab rails to make any environment safe.

So why risk a slip on the wet floor or wet surfaces of your bathroom, when the safe, secure solution is available from Nottingham Rehab Supplies for under twenty pounds, and perhaps as little as seven. Visit our website today and see how easily you can change your bathroom from one of the most dangerous places in your home to one of the safest.

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