Posted on 28/01/2013

Could Stem Cells Help Stroke Recovery

Could Stem Cells Help Stroke Recovery

Stem Cells May Aid Stroke Recovery

Striking new research from Bolivia has shown that stem cells may have the potential to improve recovery for stroke victims, especially if they are administered soon after the stroke has taken place.

Researchers at La Paz University found that rats that received the treatment within the first 30 minutes following a stroke, showed ‘almost normal brain function’ after two weeks. Perhaps more importantly, the same results were shown for ‘donor’ stem cells as for stem cells from the rats’ own bodies. This means that human stem cell treatments could potentially be held in stock to speed up their application during that crucial first hour.

Stem cells are the base cells of the body, which have the potential to grown into any other type of cell. They can be found in many areas of the body, and are particularly easy to harvest from fat cells. Donor stem cells, called allogenic stem cells, could be gathered from donors and held as part of the paramedic or A&E stocks for treating strokes.

The researchers were keen to point out that this research is only at the early stages, with human trials still many years away. This view was shared by Dr Clare Watson of the Stroke Association. “Stem cells are an incredibly interesting area of stroke research,” she explained. “The results of this study provide further insight into their potential use for stroke recovery, however a lot more research is needed.”

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