Posted on 19/11/2012

Could Childcare Make Your Children Obese?

Could Childcare Make Your Children Obese?

Children who attend nursery more likely to be overweight

Recent reports in the Daily Mail state that “children who go to nursery are 50% more likely to be overweight than those cared for by their parents” – a rare example of a newspaper underplaying the risk found in the research.

The reports, which are based on a Canadian study, followed children from the ages of 1.5 to 10 years old, and actually found that they were 65% more likely to become overweight if they were cared for in a nursery setting rather than cared for by a parent, with little exposure to other types of childcare.

The study, although interesting, seems to raise more questions than it actually answers. It remains unclear as to why childcare arrangements should be associated with weight gain, and the study does not show a cause and effect relationship between the link. While researchers suggest that childcare centres may have ‘obesogenic’ features that promote weight gain, there is no proven link between the two as of yet.

It is also worth noting that the study was carried out in Canada and that results may not translate to the UK or other countries for that matter. However it does highlight the need for plenty of exercise and a good diet, for all children, regardless of whether they are looked after by their parents or childcare centres.

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