Posted on 23/01/2013

Could Aspirin Cause Blindness?

Could Aspirin Cause Blindness?

Blindness risk from regular aspirin

Many people with heart disease, especially older people, are prescribed a regular low dose of aspirin to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke, and many more people self-prescribe aspirin as part of their personal health regime. However, a new study has shown that while this may be highly effective, it may also bring with it an increased risk of central spot blindness, or age related macular degeneration (known as AMD or wet AMD).

In the study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, 9.8% of people who took regular aspirin over 15 years, were found to have developed the condition, compared to just 3.7% of those who did not take the drug. The difference only appeared in the later stages of the study, leading researchers to link the effect to long term aspirin use.

However, the team were keen to point out that the study was far from conclusive and that much more research was needed before any recommendations were made. They also urged anyone who has been prescribed aspirin by their doctor to keep taking the drug, and to speak to their GP before they made any changes.

The Macular Society described the findings as adding to the accumulating evidence linking aspirin to AMD, but admitted that more evidence was still needed before a link could be established with certainty.

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