Posted on 11/06/2013

Clever Mobility Accessories from NRS

Clever Mobility Accessories from NRS

As a leading supplier to the health care industry, at NRS we’re always thinking of new ways in which to help the elderly and disabled. With people always wanting clever aids and even more useful equipment it’s up to us to meet with expectations. We’re always looking at ways to adhere to them throughout our entire range of products and our mobility aids are a great example to look at.

Mobility Accessories Guaranteeing Ease of Use

Aiding and covering everything from getting out of a car, wheelchair safety and drinking, to eating, lifting and sitting comfortably, our range of mobility accessories provides a wide range of uses for a multitude of situations. Shrewd, functional and innovative, these products have been designed for users’ convenience and ease of use, helping to improve their daily lives tenfold.

One such product that’s proved extremely popular with NRS customers are the Gel Palm Wheelchair Gloves. Providing comfort and durability, these gloves work well to protect hands from blisters when they're propelling their wheelchair. Featuring ‘super grip’ technology, these waterproof gloves have been made with stretch lycra and absorbent towelling to make them even more comfortable, while stretch cuffs and loop closures make for easy use.

Another popular mobility accessory is the NRS Eco Plus Pressure Care Cushion, which helps reduce the risk of developing ulcers. Ideal for wheelchairs, this modular ‘safeguard’ foam cushion features a unique profiled upper surface for added support and comfort and gives stability to less supported parts of the body. Furthermore, we have both medium and large sizes to choose from.

Learn more about our Mobility Accessories

If you require more information about any of our mobility accessories or disability aids, you can talk to a member of our friendly team by calling 0845 287 2313 today.

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