Posted on 30/09/2013

Choose from NRS Healthcare’s Comprehensive Range of Walking Aids

Choose from NRS Healthcare’s Comprehensive Range of Walking Aids

Walking aids come in many shapes and sizes and are not just limited to walking sticks and frames. There is a wide range of equipment that is designed to make getting about on foot safer and less strenuous for those that struggle with mobility.

Walking Aids and Accessories

Here at NRS Healthcare we provide daily living aids that help those that would otherwise struggle with routine tasks. Walking is one of the most common areas in which daily living aids may be required. We provide a wide range of walking frames and rollators that are designed to provide ample support for those that struggle on their feet. These also provide the user with the confidence to continue staying active and getting out and about.

As well as providing the frame, NRS Healthcare also provide the caddies that attach to the frame. This gives extra support when it is necessary to carry items by ensuring that you have both your hands free to grip the walker rather than struggling with extra bags. In addition we also provide replacement ferrules as it is important to make sure that your current ferrules are not worn and provide a good grip to minimise the risk of slipping.

Another innovative addition to our walking aids range are the falls alarms we provide. These work by giving off a loud siren that should alert those in the vicinity. These are also great for if the user feels threatened.

More from Our Range of Mobility Aids

For those that require the use of a wheelchair we also have a fantastic range of both user and carer propelled mobility wheelchairs. All are of the highest quality and combine durability and comfort and can be used on a variety of different surfaces.

If you are interested in acquiring anything from our range of daily living aids then you can place your order online or give us a call on 0845 154 1815.

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