Posted on 27/10/2014

Choose from an Extensive Selection of Mobility Aids and Equipment

Choose from an Extensive Selection of Mobility Aids and Equipment

NRS Healthcare understand that a little help goes a long way and as one of the leading suppliers of mobility aids in the UK, we are proud to be the ones to help those who require a little help to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life through innovative and forward thinking aids and equipment.

Enhance the Support of your Existing Walking Frame

Walking frames are one of the most popular walking aids and for many years, simple walking aids have helped people stay safe and supported whether indoors or out. The Buckingham Walking Caddy is one such mobility aids provided by NRS Healthcare which can be fitted to your existing frame and provides support indoors. This divided container intended for use with 2 or 4 wheeled walkers is ideal for moving items around the house with ease. The bottom half of the container can be used to carry a range of items, while the tray above can be used for standard sized dinner plates. This can also be removed and placed on the user’s lap.

The 2 in 1 Rollator and Transit Chair from NRS

The 2 in 1 Rollator and Transit Chair is an indoor and outdoor mobility aid which features a handy carry basket. If you require mobility support both indoors and out, this 2 in 1 rollator transit chair is the ideal mobility aid for you. There is a comfortable padded seat also incorporated into the design of this 2 in 1 rollator which is handy when you need a rest. The seat and push handle also means that this rollator can be used as a transit chair with the help of an assistant.

Maintain Independence with Self Propelled Wheelchairs

NRS Healthcare also provides a wide range of self-propelled wheelchairs. Self-propelled wheelchairs are an excellent mobility aid where additional support is required but the user has enough upper arm strength to independently manoeuvre the wheelchair whilst seated. One of our most popular wheelchairs is the general purpose Self Propelled Wheelchair for everyday use.

Order Online, Over the Phone or Request a Catalogue

You can view the full NRS Healthcare mobility aids on our website or if you prefer you can request a copy of our daily living and mobility aids catalogue. NRS Healthcare are not only committed to providing high quality products which help maintain quality of life and independence, we are also on hand to provide guidance when it comes to choosing the correct mobility aids and equipment to suit your needs. Contact NRS Healthcare direct on 0845 121 8111.

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