Posted on 29/05/2013

Choose from a Wide Range of Back Aids at NRS

Choose from a Wide Range of Back Aids at NRS

NRS are constantly creating new products and updating existing ones to give customers the best selection of disability aids to choose from. And with equipment and aids for every situation, need and body part, we’re certain that if you’re in need of aids for daily living, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in our extensive collection.

One of the most common ailments for the elderly is that of back pain and anyone who’s ever suffered with it will no doubt know how frustrating and painful it can be. However, NRS provide a superb range of back aids to help users improve their back care and comfort at home. There’s so many every day tasks and movements which put pressure on your back but NRS back aids certainly help ease that pressure.

Affordable Back Aids

With simple and affordable products throughout the range, customers can choose from a myriad of products and equipment to help with reaching, bending down and twisting – all movements that can have negative effects on the back.  And with everything from bed wedges and mattress elevators to contoured cushions and car supports, plus much more, NRS customers can dramatically improve their lifestyle and comfort at home.

One of our Most Popular Back Aids

There’s so many great products within the range it’s extremely difficult to choose a standout though the Dream Mattress Elevator 2 has proved very popular. Able to sit users upright in bed, without the need for a carer to do it, the mattress has been designed to allow the customer to sit or lie comfortably whilst maintaining their independence. Featuring smooth and quiet operation, two safety straps to secure the mattress and easy to use handset, this great piece of equipment provides all the comfort and functionality users need.

If you would like to know more about NRS back aids and disability aids UK, look through the rest of the website or call us on 0845 287 2093.

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