Posted on 09/01/2013

Can Strokes Really Happen at Any Age?

Can Strokes Really Happen at Any Age?

Strokes do not just happen to the elderly

One of the biggest health stories this week was the stroke suffered by BBC political presenter Andrew Marr. He was only in his fifties, he was far from overweight, and what’s more, he was described by friends as a fanatical runner. Yet despite this apparently healthy lifestyle, he still suffered a stroke. And he is not alone. Super-fit Australian rugby player, Michael Lynagh had a stroke last May at just 48, with tennis star Rod Laver also suffering a stroke in his fifties and actress Sharon Stone falling prey to a stroke in 2001 at just 44.

The cause of strokes is important

So why do apparently fit and healthy people suffer from strokes, and are we wrong to assume that strokes are only a problem for older people? The answer lies in the causes of strokes. Certainly the vast majority of strokes happen to over 65s, accounting for around 75% of the 150,000 strokes each year in the UK. This is because lifestyle factors such as drinking too much or eating unhealthily tend to have a cumulative effect, building up through the life of a person.

However, there are a host of other factors that can cause strokes, including genetic factors that are present right from birth, meaning that children and even babies can have a stroke. But this doesn’t mean that exercise, drinking in moderation and eating well are a waste of time, because while they can’t protect you from genetic factors, they will still protect you from other causes of stroke.

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