Posted on 18/02/2013

Calls for Stricter Measures to Prevent Obesity

Calls for Stricter Measures to Prevent Obesity

Should we be doing more to tackle the obesity crisis?

Doctors from The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges are calling for fewer fast food outlets to be located by schools as well as a complete ban on unhealthy food in hospitals following a report warning that the current obesity crisis could become “unresolvable” if left unaddressed.

More than half of adults will be seriously overweight by 2050 unless tough measures are brought in to stop the situation from spiraling out of control. The warning, from the UK’s 220,000 doctors hopes to prevent “generation after generation falling victim to obesity-related illness and death.”

Obesity, which can cause diabetes, heart disease and cancer, is the single biggest public health crisis facing the country at present with many dying needlessly from diseases they could have avoided.

The report, which criticises the government for their “piecemeal and disappointingly ineffective” attempt to deal with the problem, highlights that one if four adults in England are currently obese with a third of primary school leavers seriously overweight.

As a result, The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is calling for the following:

-          Adverts for foods high in saturated fat, sugar and salt to be banned before 9pm

-          Additional tax on sugary drinks aimed at increasing prices by at least 20%

-          The number of fast food outlets in close proximity to schools and leisure facilities to be reduced

-          A £100million budget for interventions including weight-loss surgery

-          Junk food or vending machines to be removed from hospitals

-          Food labels to include calorie information for children

Doctors are also calling for an increase in bariatric surgery to help those as risk of death and for all schools and hospitals to serve healthy food in line with current nutritional standards. With recent reports also criticising PE lessons for failing to “break a sweat”, could we be about to see some serious measures put in place to help fight obesity?

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