Posted on 16/12/2013

Buttercup Yellow Children’s Crutches

Buttercup Yellow Children’s Crutches

When injury or illness makes walking difficult, crutches are an excellent mobility aid. It is easy to see how crutches help by allowing the user to take weight off their legs and providing support. Here at NRS Healthcare we provide a range of mobility aids, and crutches prove one of the most popular. Our range of children’s crutches is even designed in bright buttercup yellow so that they appeal to children.

A Brief History of Adult & Children’s Crutches

Whilst not a completely new concept, early man would fashion branches into walking aids when there was need, the elbow crutch that we are mostly familiar with today was patented and went into mass production back in 1988 by a man name Thomas Fetterman who contracted Polio in his youth. Seeing the need for comfortable and functional walking aids for children who suffered mobility limitations akin to his own, Thomas set about developing a walking aid that would reduce the risk of falling and not cause armpit nerve damage. Thus the modern day crutch was born.

Elbow crutches do not need to sit under the armpit, which eliminates any risk of the nerve damage associated with continuous under arm crutch usage. The children’s crutches from NRS Healthcare are made from sturdy and reliable aluminium making them lightweight yet robust. All our crutches are height adjustable to allow for the most optimum and comfortable height for your child’s needs.

The slip resistant rubber ferrules ensure that the risk of slipping is greatly reduced and the comfortable grip handle spreads pressure evenly and allows for continued use without causing pain in the hands.

Advice & Guidance

If you are unsure of the suitability of NRS Healthcare’s range of children’s crutches or any other disability products featured on our website you can contact the team on 0845 287 2028. Our friendly team of experts are more than happy to provide advice and guidance should you need more information.

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