Posted on 16/10/2013

Browse Our Fantastic Range of Bathing Aids for the Elderly

Browse Our Fantastic Range of Bathing Aids for the Elderly

If you’re looking for a little extra help with routine tasks around the house then NRS Healthcare will have something among their vast collection capable of making life that bit easier. With over 2,500, we have daily living aids that help with completing tasks and that support a range of needs. One of the most popular range of products is our collection of bathing aids for the elderly.

We Have Aids to Help with All Aspects of Daily Life

Many of our bathing aids for the elderly work well for disabled people but it is always worth checking the individual product for suitability. Not only can the aids we provide help with the process of bathing but we have aids that help with other bathroom tasks as well as aids that just make moving around safer and easier.

Grab rails can be used anywhere in and around the home where extra stability and support is needed but are extremely helpful in areas such as the bathroom that are prone to wet surfaces. Another simple design that can be found within our sleeping and bedrooms aids range are bed raisers that can be fitted to the feet of your bed. This ensures that the bed is not too low for those that struggled on or off the bed. Multi-purpose raisers are also available.

The equipment and aids we provide range from very simple innovative designs to higher tech products. Because we understand more than most how varied needs of an individual can be we have aids to suit most of these needs. Some of the aids we provide can be used independently whilst others are designed to help both patient and carer. Always check the product first and if you are not sure you can always give us a ring.

Get in Touch to Talk About Bathing Aids for the Elderly or Any of Our Other Products

A good level of customer service is of paramount of importance, this is especially so within the healthcare industry. If you are unsure and would like any advice regarding our bathing aids for the elderly or any of our other products you can contact us on 0845 485 6341.

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