Posted on 07/03/2016

Brave Miss Norma chooses trip of a lifetime over cancer treatment


A 90 year old lady from Michigan has chosen to reject cancer treatment and instead make the most of living independently whilst she can by touring the USA with her son and daughter-in-law.

Heading across the States in an ultra-modern RV, the three adventurers (and their pet poodle Ringo!) have been on the road since September 2015 and are having the time of their lives – documenting each stage of their journey via their popular Facebook page Driving Miss Norma.

Miss Norma and Poodle
Norma lets Ringo have a rest

“I’m hitting the road.”

Two days after losing her husband last year, Norma was diagnosed uterine cancer and told by doctors that her best options for survival were radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. But this brave and inspirational pensioner had different ideas, telling her doctors “I’m 90 years old, I’m hitting the road.”

Her son, Tim, and daughter-in-law, Ramie, can show us all a thing or two about elder care as they agreed without hesitation to drive Norma in their RV to some of the most famous sites in the US and make her dreams come true on the trip of a lifetime.

Miss Norma - Crab Shack crawfish duel
Mother and son having a crawfish brawl at the Crab Shack

So far, Norma has been whale watching in Florida, visited Mt. Rushmore, took to the skies in a hot balloon and, most recently, had her first pedicure – all with her family by her side to support her.

Miss Norma - pedicure
Norma's first pedicure!

Miss Norma hot air balloon
Hot air balloon mischief!

Miss Norma - mount rushmore
Avenue of Flags at Mt. Rushmore

Independent living is vitally important

Choosing not to receive treatment for her cancer was a decision Norma made for herself and we would always advise anyone diagnosed with any illness to seek the correct medical advice and treatment. However, staying independent and making the right decisions for yourself is something we fully promote at NRS Healthcare. That’s why we offer a range of equipment to help those living with challenging physical and mental needs carry out their daily activities independently.

We think you’ll agree that Miss Norma is an inspiration to us all. Here are just some of the experiences she has encountered on her motivational end-of-life adventure and don’t forget you can see many more videos and photos on the Driving Miss Norma Facebook page.

Miss Norma - Roswell UFO Museum
Norma and Ringo catch up with the aliens in Roswell!

Miss Norma - grand Canyon
The Edge of Vastness at the Grand Canyon

Miss Norma - Walt Disney
Dressing up at Walt Disney

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