Posted on 23/10/2013

BHTA Approved Disability Equipment from NRS Healthcare

BHTA Approved Disability Equipment from NRS Healthcare

If you are looking for reliable and BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Associated) approved disability equipment then NRS Healthcare are you one stop shop. We have everything you need and everything you didn’t even think you needed! We provide the absolute essentials for disabled day to day living as well as innovative and somewhat genius inventions that can make your life a little less difficult. We stock over 2,500 daily living aids for the disabled, elderly or anyone suffering injury. It could even be said that some of our products provide support for everyone.

Disabled Toilet Seats Included in our Range

Within our range of disability equipment is our range of disabled toilet seats. Those who have difficulty moving from the sitting to standing position not only will struggle getting up from chairs, naturally they will struggle just as much rising after using the toilet. Likewise, lowering yourself onto the toilet if you are unsteady can be dangerous and difficult if the toilet is low. With a toilet seat that simply raises the height of the toilet and reduces how low users need to get you can significantly reduce the risk of an injury.

We also provide disabled toilet seats designed for larger users that are sturdy enough to withstand impact of someone sitting heavily on it whilst at the same time provides increased comfort.

Order Today

We have disability equipment suited to most needs to help with everyday tasks. Our website makes it easy for you to search. If you know the specifics of an item you can use the search bar or you can choose to search by room, task or even by common health problems. You can place your order online and there is free delivery on orders over £40. Here at NRS Healthcare we are committed to caring and we are happy to provide a product advisory service should you need any help regarding any of our disability equipment. You can contact us by telephone on 0845 508 3865.

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