Posted on 07/12/2017

The best Christmas gifts to show how much you care

The best Christmas gifts to show how much you care

The best Christmas gifts are those that make a real difference to your loved one’s everyday routine. You might be thinking of buying a coat to keep them warm or a diary to remind them of their weekly schedule. But what about a Christmas gift that could help reduce the amount of pain they experience on a daily basis?

For those people living with an "invisible" condition (a condition which affects someone’s day-to-day activities but is not immediately visible to an onlooker) they may be experiencing symptoms which do not present physically and can, therefore, often be overlooked. Examples of “invisible” symptoms can include mental health issues, which arise through conditions such as dementia, internal pain caused by conditions like arthritis or extreme tiredness brought on by conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Thoughtful gifts make the best Christmas gifts

There are a huge range of daily living aids available to help those with an “invisible” condition live more comfortably and independently when they are at home or out and about. However, knowledge of “daily living aids” within the general population is still pretty rare.

That’s why, this year, we’ve created a gift guide showcasing the daily living aids which make the best Christmas gifts for those you care for who are living with an “invisible” condition. Not only are these lovely gifts in themselves, they also provide an important function to help make daily tasks easier for the one’s you love. Conditions covered within the guide include: Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dementia and Vision Impairment.

We hope this gift guide will raise awareness of just how many different types of daily living aids there are to help those who need a little extra support and we would ask you to please share the guide as much as possible to ensure everyone can enjoy a comfortable Christmas this year!

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