Posted on 08/07/2013

The Best Bath Lifts and Bathroom Aids on the Market at NRS

The Best Bath Lifts and Bathroom Aids on the Market at NRS

At NRS we have a superb selection of bath lifts, all designed to make bathing as easily as possible for the elderly and disabled. Today we’re going to focus on the NRS Nuvo bath lift, one of our best bathroom aids and it’s recently come down in price to just £418.80.

As we’ve said, the elderly and disabled often find bathing difficult as they often don’t have the required strength to support themselves. However, the Nuvo bath lift makes it easy for carers and users, easing the pressure on user’s muscles and joints as well taking away stress and risk.

Developed for Comfort

Created and developed with a slimline design which provides superb leg room, the bath can be reclined for the comfort of the user, whilst position changes are done quickly and easily via a simple button. Not only does the slimline design help with leg room, it also means the bath lift looks great in modern bathrooms too.

Often, some people are put off purchasing a bath lift thinking they don’t go low enough to the bottom of the bath, but this isn’t a problem with the Nuvo model. Lowing to an impressive 60 millimetres, it makes sure users can go deep to get the wonderful and relaxing experience we all love having baths for. And while the back reclines to help with this, the silt also tilts upwards to ensure maximum support and safety at all times. A back rest is also provided to ensure no pressure is put on neck muscles too.

Find out more about our Bathroom Aids

If you wish to know more about the fantastic range of bathroom aids, disability aids or bath lifts available at NRS, feel free to browse the site or get in touch with the team by calling 0845 287 3092.




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