Posted on 13/08/2012

Bathroom Aids from NRS


For the elderly, infirm and people with disabilities, it is the simple, every day things in life, which most of us take for granted, that are often the most difficult. Of these, bathing is one of the most problematic, as it not only involves access issues of getting in and out of the bath or shower, but also the inherent dangers of slippy wet surfaces.

At NRS Healthcare we have a wide range of bath aids and bathing aids, with more than 250 handy bathroom aids to help you bathe safely and successfully. Our range of bathing aids covers everything from a portable suction grab bar for just £9.99, to complete bath lifts and hoists to lift you safely and securely in and out of your bath. We also stock a huge selection of shower and commode chairs, bath steps, anti-slip mats and perch seats to help you get in and out of the bath or shower and to stay safe while you are washing.

One of our most helpful and popular bathing aids is our bathing cushion. These clever bath aids inflate to become level with the side of the bath, for you to slide onto easily, then gently deflate to lower you into the bath. You can even leave a little air in the seat to cushion you while you are in the bath. When you have finished, simply press the button again to re-inflate these great bathroom aids, and you will be gently lifted back out again. These brilliant bath aids are just £524.17 plus VAT and weigh in at just 2Kg, making them easy and discreet to transport and take away on holiday or when you stay with friends.

Check out our website today to find the perfect bathing aid for your needs from Nottingham Rehab Supplies.

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