Posted on 11/09/2012

Bathing Aids For The Elderly

Bathing Aids For The Elderly

We understand that many people who use our products struggle to enjoy or even attempt bathing, which is why we provide a variety of bath aidsfor the elderly, and bathing aids for the disabled. We also offer aids for daily living, a vast range of products with the scope to cater for a variety of needs in and around the home.

Our offering of bathaidsfor the elderly and disabled, including shower stools, bath mats, mobile shower commode chairs, bath lifts and hoists have been designed to make bath time relaxing and comfortable.

We have products for all price ranges, though all succeed in providing useful benefits. Our Neptune bath lift is a comfortable, lightweight lift, giving users plenty of room so they can sit right back in the bath. The supreme usability of this product makes it one of our best bathaidsfor the disabled.

Our grab rails, bath seats and shower chairs are ideal for making bathing safer. Bath seats and shower chairs make it possible for users to enjoy baths and showers sitting down, rather than having to stand, while grab rails can become an important part of the bathroom, giving users vital support when they’re entering and exiting the bath.

We offer a range ofaidsfor daily living to help out with day to day life designed with the understanding of various illnesses and difficulties. Here are just some of theaidsfor daily living we offer.

Our Fall Savers Standard Monitor is ideal for monitoring those with dementia. The fall prevention monitor works via the use of sensors stationed on the floor which sounds an alarm when someone either falls over or out of bed, giving carers the ability to act fast should such a situation arise.

We also provide products to help with incontinence, clothing and furnishing protectors designed for quick use on chairs and beds. They’re excellent at soaking up liquids while some can be re-used after cleaning - an excellent product, which takes away so much hassle, whilst being reusable.

This brief introduction to some of our most popular products only scratches the surface. To find out more about our qualityaidslook through our website and check back for more blog posts in the future.

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