Posted on 22/07/2013

Bathing Accessories for the Elderly

Bathing Accessories for the Elderly

Many older people avoid bathing regularly due to the fear of slipping and falling, an embarrassing and potentially dangerous situation. Additionally, mental health or and mobility issues or other factors such as drier skin and sensory loss can also have an effect on the ability to bathe.

However, regardless of the situation everyone is entitled to a good standard of hygiene. Where mobility and the fear of falling is an issue, there are plenty of bathing accessories available which are specifically designed to make the task much easier and safer, providing peace of mind and support when it’s needed the most.

Bathing Accessories Provide Support and Stability

Here at NRS we offer a wide range of bathing accessories to help make bathing and toileting easier. Bathroom grab rails are an ideal choice and can be fixed in various places to offer support when climbing in and out of the bath, sitting and standing from the toilet and just generally getting about.

Whether you’re shopping for bathing accessories for yourself or a loved one, it’s important you make the right choice so that you or they are as comfortable and supported as possible when bathing. Shower chairs and stools are perfect for providing full stability when showering, while bathroom grab rails can be placed to make standing and sitting safer – especially on a wet surface. Bath mats are perfect for those that are comfortable with their balance but are cautious about slipping.

Bathing Needn’t Be Stressful with NRS Mobility Aids

For those that care for an elderly person, the range of bathing accessories available from NRS to assist you is extensive. Swivel bath seats and shower trolleys are ideal for those with limited mobility, while general bathing accessories such as long handled sponges and easy tap turners are ideal for making bathing that bit easier for those that just require some assistance.

If you would like to know more about how bathing accessories and mobility aids can improve your quality of life or that of someone you care for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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