Posted on 17/01/2014

Bathing Accessories and Aids – Which Bathroom Aids Suit My Needs?

Bathing Accessories and Aids – Which Bathroom Aids Suit My Needs?

Have you ever taken a fall in the bathroom? You are not alone. Thousands of accidents occur within the home with one of the most common places for an accident to happen being the bathroom. Whether you are elderly, disabled or even if you are at the peak of health, the bathroom can be a treacherous place. Hard surfaces that are often wet and slippery are safety hazards whatever your physical abilities and limitations, but if you do suffer from a physical disability or balance issues, bathing or toileting can be a daunting task which is where bathing accessories and aids come in. As with all areas of day to day living, NRS Healthcare provide a wide range of bathing aids and accessories designed to take the worry and strain out of visiting the bathroom for whatever reason.

Maintain Confidence and Independence in the Bathroom with Bathroom Accessories from NRS Healthcare

There are many options when it comes to making your bathroom safer through means of bathing accessories and bathroom aids. Many of what we provide would give extra support for anyone using the bathroom whatever their disability or limitations. Even those that do not struggle would find many of our bathroom accessories helpful.

Bathroom rails

Bathroom rails are excellent for providing balance support and can be placed anywhere within the bathroom but are most often fitted around the bath, shower or toilet. We provide bathroom rails in a range of sizes and colours to suit your decor. Many of our rails can be folded back up against the wall making the foldable bathroom rails much more space efficient.

Bath Stool and Shower Seats

For those who struggle to stand for prolonged periods, showering is something they avoid which is unfortunate considering the convenience of a shower and the fact that many prefer to shower rather than sitting in a bath tub. Shower seats are an excellent way to help those who cannot stand or are unsteady on their feet to enjoy a shower and maintain their independence when bathing. You can view our extensive range of shower seats and bath stools on our website.


We often take for granted our ability to carry out day to day tasks when we are unaffected by mobility issues, unfortunately this is an area that can cause embarrassment and worry. This should not be the case. Unfortunately many choose the road of continence management aids such as commodes, bed pads and other such continence management products and whilst we provide a range of these that provide excellent support for those requiring continence management aids, many could maintain their independence with simple toileting aids such as raised toilets and the toilet frame aids. You can view our full range of toileting aids on our website.

Miscellaneous and Advanced Toileting Aids

We understand that some might require a little more support than can be provided from the above. As well as providing simple bathing accessories such as bath boards and bath mats that provide support to almost everyone we provide a range of bathroom aids that are designed for those requiring advanced support. We provide an excellent selection of bath lifts for various degrees of disabilities and needs. Bath lifts from NRS Healthcare range from simple designs that can easily be removed and stored to more advanced bath lifts that are electronically or hydraulically operated.

Free Product Advisory Service on all Bathing Accessories and Daily Living Aids

As with all of our available products, if you are unsure of the function or suitability of any of our bathing accessories you can contact NRS Healthcare where one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer service experts will be happy to provide additional information and advice.

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