Posted on 02/08/2013

Bath Grab Rails are a Welcome Bathroom Aid for Everyone

Bath Grab Rails are a Welcome Bathroom Aid for Everyone

The most arduous aspect of bathing is the getting in and out, this can also be the most dangerous if your strength and gait is not what it used to be. Because of the nature of bathrooms there are slip risks all around. You can slip proof your floor with a simple slip mat but the majority of bathrooms have tiled walls and these present little safety or opportunity to steady oneself should you lose your footing. Regardless how steady you are on your feet, wet tiles are a serious risk for anyone that is why we believe that our range of bath grab rails are appropriate for everyone.

Steady Yourself with Bath Grab Rails

One of the most perilous activities to undertake in your home is getting in and out of the bath and because of this; if you are disabled or elderly bath time can be a worry and a chore. It does not need to be like that neither do you have to lose your independence. It might be that you care for someone who is infirm and although you help to the best of your ability, having something in place that will help them help them self will be beneficial for you both. Bath rails are a simple yet ingenious method of stabilising one self.

Bathrooms generally include many features that have hard surfaces, this is unavoidable given the nature of bathrooms but that does not mean we can’t take measures to reduce the risk of a fall that unfortunately can prove fatal. NRS provide an assortment of bath grab rails and rails to include in other places inside and outside the home that extra support may be necessary.

Wealth of Experience and Knowledge

The history of NRS Healthcare spans as far back as 1947. In all that time we have gathered the knowledge and experience necessary to carefully develop market leading aids for daily living. Browse our website for all manner of aids to support you and your loved ones in day to day living.

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