Posted on 29/11/2013

Bath Chairs Included in NRS Healthcare's Excellent Range of Bathing Aids

Bath Chairs Included in NRS Healthcare's Excellent Range of Bathing Aids

Many consider bath time as a relaxing activity and it can even ease aches and pains but when bath time becomes a chore and one that induces feelings of stress and worry, extra support is required. For those that suffer from a disability or age related mobility problems, bath time can be a strenuous and difficult time. Bath chairs from NRS Healthcare work towards making bath time relaxing and enjoyable once more by reducing the distance the user has to lower them self into the tub.

Bath Seats and Bath Hoists

Bath chairs are simple yet invaluable tools that can help the user maintain their independence by not having to rely on someone else to help them in and out of the tub. All our bath chairs are made from strong and durable material and can be relied on to be safe and comfortable for the user. All the seats can be safely secured to the bottom of the bath using suction feet to ensure that the seat does not slip.

If you or someone you know requires enhanced support when bathing, the bath hoists from NRS Healthcare provide excellent support and can help patients and carers alike. Not only can bathing prove dangerous for those who suffer from limited mobility but it can be just as dangerous for those tasked with helping those in their care at bath time. Bath hoists are a great device to ensure that carers can hoist patients in and out of the tub safely. We provide both manual and electric bath hoists.

Product Advisory Service

If you would like to find out more about the excellent range of bathing aids provided by NRS Healthcare you can browse these in more detail on our website. We also provide a product advisory service where we will advise on function and suitability of our products. You can contact us on 0845 591 7857.

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