Posted on 02/07/2020

Awesome activities to make the most of Summer 2020

Awesome activities to make the most of Summer 2020

We all know that Summer 2020 is going to be different, due to the impact of COVID-19 and with travel limitations still in place. However, there are still plenty of activities you can look forward to and enjoy with loved ones as the weather warms up.

We understand it can be difficult to plan summer activities right now, as the government’s policies are regularly reviewed and updated due to COVID-19. That being said, with a bit of imaginative thinking, there are a number of awesome activities to enjoy over the next few months, whether you, or someone your care for, are at home, with the family or out and about. Take a look at our top suggestions for having fun this summer whilst staying safe and taking precautions against the COVID-19 virus.

Make full use of the garden

Gardening can include everything from sprucing up the home with flowers to growing an edible garden and can be enjoyed alone or with company. Even if a person has limited access to an outdoor space, they can grow vegetables and herbs in pots on a windowsill and enjoy potted plants indoors. Gardening is a great way for people to stay in touch with their natural surroundings and can help those who are older to stay active, as well as offering satisfying results – especially if they’re growing fruit and veg they can eat.

If someone finds it uncomfortable to use standard gardening equipment, due to painful bending or sore joints, they may benefit from ergonomic tools such as the Easi-Grip long-handled garden fork, which will enable their hand to stay in a neutral position and reduce the need to bend when tending to their garden.

Picnic paradise

Having a picnic in the warm weather is a great way to see family and friends outdoors and enjoy the summer sun. Picnics can be enjoyed in the garden at home or in a local park, depending on which is most suitable, and could even be turned into a tea party, with everyone baking their own mini cakes, and bringing their favourite mug or teacup.

If standard cutlery or crockery is awkward for someone to use, eating and drinking aids can offer support. Make picnic foods, such as cakes and bread easier to slice with an Easi-Grip Knife which helps to keep the wrist in a comfortable position, or offer a high sided plate to make eating easier for someone with the use of just one hand.

Take a local day trip

Many gardens and zoos are now open to the public and can be enjoyed throughout the summer for families to have fun and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Most places must be booked to avoid overcrowding and ensure everyone can safely social distance. If a person finds they need support when out and about they may consider the benefits of a walking aid, such as a walking stick or rollator. If they are unsure about the most suitable product for their needs, our friendly and professional product advice team can be contacted by emailing [email protected]

Please remember that although many public toilets are opening again, some may still be closed, so it is worth checking with the local council if someone requires these facilities during a trip. A radar key can be used to access many disabled toilets around the UK to offer suitable amenities to those who need them.

Discover the benefits of photography

Whether it’s on a phone or camera, summer is a great time to capture beautiful scenery, either in someone’s garden, during a walk or on a trip out. Photographs can be wonderful mementos to carry whilst COVID-19 prevents many of us from seeing family as often, especially if someone has younger children in the family who are growing up fast!

Make the most of new technology

During lockdown many people have relied on technology to stay in touch with loved ones. Newer technology, such as smart phones and tablets, offers a great way to play virtual games when we can’t participate in activities, such as cards and quizzes, in person. With larger touchscreens, newer technology is often easier to use and there are many different apps and features that people can enjoy, whatever their hobbies and interests.
Finding the right mobile or landline phone can make all the difference for someone to be able to quickly and easily call family and friends. Telephones can include hearing aid compatibility, large buttons and photo buttons to make them suitable for a range of different requirements.

Whatever activities we enjoy this summer, it is important to maintain good hygiene when out and about to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. Government advice will be subject to change as their guidelines are reviewed and updated over the next few months.
To view the full range of daily living aids available at NRS Healthcare that can support someone throughout the summer, please visit our website.

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