Posted on 03/07/2013

The Seahorse Sanichair, the Award Winning Shower Chair from NRS

The Seahorse Sanichair, the Award Winning Shower Chair from NRS

On Monday we talked about the great feeling it gives us knowing we can provide our customers with products that are seen as the best in the industry, and today we’re going to tell you about another of our award winning bathroom aids.

Many of our products are for adults and the elderly and while they’re a big part of why we’ve become the leading health care equipment supplier in Britain, it’s also worth remembering that we provide a myriad of aids for children too. We’ve got many different types of products available for children including beds, cutlery, bath lifts and toileting aids but the latest to win an industry award is the Seahorse Sanichair – the superb shower and toilet chair for children.

A Shower Chair Designed Exclusively for NRS

Created for all bathroom activity including washing hair and showering, the award winning Seahorse Sanichair as been designed exclusively for NRS and is based around two different sized frames so it can be used as the child grows. Liners are also incorporated with the shower chair to provide various size options including mini, midi, maxi and super maxi.

With a cleverly designed frame, the Seahorse Sanichair will fit over most toilets within homes and schools whilst it also provides almost effortless ease of use for washing and showering. The product provides great durability and support thanks to high quality plastic and aluminium construction which eliminates rusting and makes cleaning easier. This magnificent award winning chair has many more features which you can read about via the product page on our website.

£500 Reduction!

Having recently seen a huge price drop of £500 pounds, it’d be unfortunate to miss out on such a quality and useful disability aid at such a reduced price. If you would like to know more about it or any other shower chair or disability products in our range, feel free to give us a call on 0845 485 7498.

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