Posted on 22/03/2016

As Young As You Feel Day - 3 older people share their inspirational stories


At the start of this year, we resolved to better support those in need by raising awareness of difficult issues older people can face. Our #BeSelfless campaign invited people to focus their New Years Resolution on helping others rather than themselves, whilst our Conversation Starter Cards were shared online to help tackle loneliness by encouraging younger generations to communicate with their elderly neighbours and acquaintances.

Today, we celebrate As Young As You Feel Day - an excellent initiative which reminds older people that age doesn’t have to limit what you do. We've teamed up with various charities, including AgeUK and Contact the Elderly, and organisations such as Campaign to End Loneliness, to share their message that growing older doesn’t need to affect you adversely - and you certainly don't have to feel alone.

Below, you'll find the inspiring stories of Sally, Lil and Jo - three incredible women who have overcome loneliness in very different ways and haven't let age stand in their way. Here they talk to Campaign to End Loneliness, which works alongside more than 2,000 supporters to tackle loneliness in older age.

Sally's Story

See how Sally overcame the feeling of rural isolation by setting up The Rural Coffee Caravan - a place for older people to get together and promote community spirit.

Lil's Story

Lil shares her insights on fighting inner city isolation, explaining how you need to make yourself do things as being with other people is very important.

Jo's Story

Being identified as part of the LGBT community meant Jo was beaten up a number of times when she was younger, making her WANT to be alone. However, as she grew older, she realised this was something she no longer wanted. Here, she tells us how a befriending scheme helped her connect with others again.

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