Posted on 30/11/2012

Are 'Sandwich Carers' Struggling to Cope?

Are 'Sandwich Carers' Struggling to Cope?

‘Sandwich carers,’ people that work while caring for an older relative and at least one child, are struggling to cope with the effects that caring for their dependents is having on their family life, according to a survey by the charity Carers UK.

The survey, which involved around a thousand people, examined the effects of juggling work, caring for their relative and children and spending time with their partner. It was found that the responsibility of caring for an older relative and a child can have detrimental effects on personal relationships, particularly if both partners are working. Of the 1,000 people surveyed, more than half continued to work while the rest had to give up work completely to care for their dependents. Of those who did continue to work, 75% reported a loss of earnings while almost all said they feel tired and stressed while at work, ultimately affecting their ability to work at all.

Over 50% of those questioned reported that childcare and the cost of caring for elderly relatives was placing increasing pressure on finances, which in turn causes more work-related stress.

More support is needed for sandwich carers

A Department of Health representative agreed that support for carers is of the utmost importance, because they ‘make an invaluable contribution to society and we want to do all we can to support them.’

Carers UK stated that care services and workplaces must realise that this type of situation is a reality for many people – 2.4 million families in fact – and must make relevant changes to make these situations easier on the ‘sandwich’ carer.

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