Posted on 27/02/2013

Are Robots the Future of Care Homes?

Are Robots the Future of Care Homes?

How a newly designed robot could help support the elderly

A researcher from the University of Salford has designed a robot to help care for elderly people. The “Carebot” P37 S65, developed by Antonio Espingardeiro, can be programmed to remind patients about medication and exercise, answer questions and even tell jokes. Recognising the faces and recalling the requirements of each patient, Espingardeiro designed the robot to help care home staff and improve the quality of life of residents in care environments.

The robot, which can also be programmed with object recognition and speech therapy, can help those suffering from dementia. Also acting as a video link, it can be used to keep in touch with family member and doctors updating them on news and allowing game play.

Could the robots ease some pressure off carers?

Mr Espingardeiro stated that: "Care of the elderly is a difficult issue but as populations age we're facing a difficult choice. Do we employ more people from a smaller workforce to care for us in our old age, or do we provide lower standards of care with fewer resources?”

The robot, which is the height of a person, can also carry meals to patients and has been described as providing “meaningful interaction to supplement human contact”. Espingardeiro also added that he’d seen “first-hand how both staff and residents benefit from their presence”.

Currently looking for investment to continue perfecting the robot before selling it, could the Carebot P37 S65 ease the pressures of elderly care?

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