Posted on 01/07/2020

An essential guide to improving personal care

An essential guide to improving personal care

As lockdown restrictions are eased, and we spend more time away from our homes, it’s important for those living with continence issues to be aware of the wide range of personal care products available, specifically designed to help them stay dry and feel confident when getting out and about.

If someone experiences a lack of control over their bladder it can cause worry when going out in public and affect their confidence. However, there are many effective and discreet personal care products that can help people to stay fresh and feel confident about spending more time outdoors – especially as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Discreet continence protection

Continence pads and pants offer protection by absorbing leaks and reducing odours caused by incontinence. As more people spend time in public due to the easing of lockdown restrictions, these personal care products can offer vital protection and peace of mind for anyone who has difficulties with continence management and is spending time outside of their home. If someone is dealing with incontinence for the first time it can cause worry and embarrassment. However, it’s important to know that people of all ages can experience incontinence for many different reasons and there are discreet products available to offer support.

Incontinence pads, such as the pack of abena pads and Tena maxi pads, come in a range of shapes, sizes, and absorbency levels to suit different requirements. Incontinence pants are also available in various absorbencies and may be shaped differently for men and women. Some incontinence pants, such as the TENA pants Plus are disposable and designed to offer optimum dryness whilst looking and feeling like normal underwear.

How to reduce the risk of skin irritation

Incontinence can sometimes cause irritation to the skin, however there are ways to reduce this risk and help someone stay more comfortable. Choosing the right absorbency and knowing when to change pads or pants can help to prevent excess moisture, which is often the cause of damage to delicate skin. Sticking to regular hygiene routines in the shower, bath or with wipes will help to keep the skin clean and remove the chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

Getting the right support during the night

For those who experience incontinence during the night, it can be beneficial to find personal care products, such as waterproof bedding and absorbent pads, to protect the bed and provide peace of mind if any leaks do happen.
Bed pads help to protect the mattress and keep those who experience incontinence dry and comfortable when sleeping. Like pads and pants, bed pads are also available in different absorbencies.
Waterproof bedding, such as duvets, can be easily wiped clean, ensuring better hygiene standards, and are suitable for long term use if someone experiences regular incontinence.

NRS Healthcare offer a wide range of personal care and incontinence products that can be viewed on our website and are designed to help to support people both inside and outside of their home so they can feel confident and fresh wherever they are.

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