Posted on 10/07/2013

Aids for Daily Living Maintain your Independence

Aids for Daily Living Maintain your Independence

Sometimes it can be easy to take for granted the ability to do certain tasks for oneself.  Often the simplest of tasks are the most overlooked.  NRS Healthcare aim to provide you with aids for daily living that cover every task and eventuality.  We understand the need for independence and know that with a little innovation and thought we can provide you with the means to live your day to day life as self reliant as possible.

Simple yet Ingenious Aids for Daily Living

Pain can be a major hindrance when it comes to mobility.  Simply putting on a pair of shoes can turn into a painful scuffle.  A shoe horn is a very basic design but can save you a lot of trouble.  Allowing you to slip into a pair of shoes without having to strain yourself.  The shoe horns that NRS offer range from the very basic, does what it says on the tin design or the deluxe chrome shoe horn, offering extra reach and more flexibility.

Sometimes just reaching for something can be a painful exercise.  If you ever drop something and need to bend down to retrieve it, back pain can make this near on impossible.  A simple grabbing device can make this a lot less painful.  The ready Reacher allows you to retrieve everyday objects simply by pulling on a trigger.  Not only can the Reacher help you retrieve items from the floor but can also help when retrieving objects from above without having to stretch.  The Combi Reacher also features a shoe horn saving you having to have multiple devices.  Both Reachers include a magnet in the claw so retrieving that dropped set of keys is made a lot easier, with no bending or stretching required.

Visit Us to Make Life Easier

If you suffer from back, knee, hip or any kind of pain that restricts your movement then take a look at our aids for daily living.  Here at NRS Healthcare we are sure to have something that suits your requirements and make your life easier.

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