Posted on 05/09/2013

Adjustable Beds from NRS Healthcare are Designed to Support Those with a Range of Needs

Adjustable Beds from NRS Healthcare are Designed to Support Those with a Range of Needs

NRS Healthcare specialise in a myriad of aids that are designed to help people with a range of needs with their daily routines. One area in which we are proud to specialise in is sleeping aids. Featured in our range of sleeping aids is our selection of adjustable beds. Designed to alleviate pain and help users enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep, these beds are ideal for the elderly, those suffering disabilities or obesity or even just to help those recovering from injury.

Adjustable Beds Provide Safety and Comfort

For those suffering from certain disabilities or injuries, a large portion of their day may be spent in bed. This can pose a number of problems in its self from bed sores to aches and pains. With an adjustable bed you are able to adjust their sleeping position without causing discomfort to the user. Those with bad circulation will reap the benefits, something as simple as elevating the legs can make all the difference. Some people, whether due to illness such as respiratory complaints prefer to sleep in a more upright position, the top of an adjustable bed can be elevated as a backrest to accommodate this. The adjustable beds we provide benefit the user by allowing a safe and comfortable position through the night. Those who are bed bound will enjoy the versatility of the bed. Getting in and out of the bed for those who struggle with balance is made easier and safer. Issues with balance can pose many problems for those suffering, that is why we also have a collection of balance training aids available through our website.

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If you are interested in our adjustable beds, balance training or any other daily living aids then you can browse our website for our full range of items and easily place your order. If you would like to speak to someone from our team, you can contact us on 0845 591 4638.

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