Posted on 23/10/2020

A revolutionary way to prevent and treat pressure ulcers

A revolutionary way to prevent and treat pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcers have long been a problem for patients and care providers alike.

Pressure ulcer care in the past often happened too late and relied on pressure relief equipment like specialised mattresses or inflatable bootees, which often keep people in bed and don’t allow for much movement. Parafricta products change all this. 

What are pressure ulcers? 

Pressure ulcers – also known as bedsores or pressure sores - are injuries generally caused by prolonged pressure on the body combined with friction. Those who are bedbound or who spend a lot of time sitting in a chair or wheelchair tend to be more at risk of getting them although they can affect anyone.[1]

Untreated, a pressure ulcer can cause significant damage and a lot of pain. 

How Parafricta products help 

Parafricta products are clinically proven to address the shear and friction that causes pressure ulcers. Their secret? A silk-like material that is specially woven to reduce friction against the skin. The weave of the fabric can only be seen under a microscope: 

A magnified version of the smooth Parafricta fabric weave

When you compare it to polycotton at the same magnification, it’s easy to see the difference.  

A magnified view of Polycotton fabric

The special Parafricta fabric isn’t coated making it machine washable at high temperatures and so can be used again and again as needed. 

Parafricta bootees were trialled by St Helen’s and Knowsley Trust to see what difference they made to pressure ulcer prevention and care: 

"It's been absolutely amazing, we trialled (the bootees) for six months and the improvement was so dramatic that we thought it was unethical to discontinue the trial.” 

Deborah Gleeson, Senior TVN at St Helens and Knowsley Hospital 

Parafricta bootees and undergarments were reviewed by NICE (the government agency that monitors the cost effectiveness of all drugs and treatment in the NHS) in 2014. Following several practical trials and tests, NICE now encourages the use of Parafricta products for both the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.[2]

The Parafricta range isn’t just for pressure care, it can also be used to help with general wound care as they protect the skin from further damage through shear and friction. This also makes it very helpful in the prevention and treatment of dermatitis as it’s lightweight, breathable and delicate on the skin. 

What products are available? 

We are proud to be an exclusive stockist of Parafricta bootees, undergarments and bedding 






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