Posted on 16/07/2020

The 3 best ways to increase independence when using the toilet

The 3 best ways to increase independence when using the toilet

Toileting routines are an essential part of our day to day lives and everyone wants to maintain their independence when using the toilet, for as long as possible.

To help more people stay comfortable and confident in their toileting routine, we are exploring some of the top toilet aids that can offer independent support, whilst also helping carers who are assisting with a person’s daily living.

Improving comfort during toileting

For people who are older or living with a health condition, bending down and lifting themselves up from seats in the house can start to pose some difficulty, especially if the seats are low and with no arms to push up from.

The toilet, as with any chair in the house, can be made more comfortable to use by raising the height of the seat, or adding a frame with handles. The Mowbray Toilet Frame and Seat offers both these features and the width can be adjusted to ensure it fits around toilets of different sizes. Toilet frames and raised toilet seats can also be bought separately and are typically simple to remove when they are not needed or someone else is using the bathroom.

Discover the benefits of a commode

Commodes offer an alternative toileting solution and can be used with a regular toilet or on their own, depending on the design. Many commodes, including the traditional commode, are designed for use outside the bathroom and feature their own toilet pan, seat and arms, whilst offering a discreet chair design that blends with home décor. These bedside commodes reduce the need to rush to the toilet, particularly at night when someone may find it difficult to navigate their way to the bathroom, and this, in turn, can help prevent falls.

As well as static commodes that offer alternative toileting, mobile commodes can be used on their own or with a traditional toilet. They feature wheels and castors for safety and often double up as shower chairs. As with many wheeled chairs there are self-propelled and attendant controlled versions available.

Grab and go

When navigating the bathroom, it can be beneficial to use grab rails or grab bars, and there are some rails designed specially to support someone when they are lowering themselves onto or lifting themselves off the toilet. Folding support rails can act as a sturdy support rail on the side of the toilet when needed and neatly fold away when not in use. This type of rail is ideal as it can generally fit closer to the toilet so the person doesn’t need to stretch to reach a rail.

Wall-fitted grab rails, such as the Spa Stainless Steel Grab Rail can support someone during their toileting routine to help them lift and lower themselves off the seat, however they can also offer general support in the bathroom to offer peace of mind by reducing the risk of falls through improved stability.

To view more toileting aids that can help someone to stay independent and confident in the bathroom, please browse the NRS Healthcare website.

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