Posted on 09/03/2016

10 year old Maddie makes dozens of chemo ‘Kare Kits’ for children with cancer


Maddie Domian may look like your average 10-year-old school girl, but to the children and staff at St Louis Children’s Hospital she is a superhero with a heart of gold.

After losing her favourite Aunt “Katie-Do” (Kathy Reinhold) to gastric cancer recently, Maddie wanted to do something to remember her by. So she approached her classmates and teachers at Stanton Elementary, Missouri, with an idea – to create a number of special care kits which would help lessen the pain of children going through chemotherapy at her local hospital.

With that, “Katie-Do Kare Kits 4 Kids” was born.

Katie-Do and Maddie
Maddie with her Aunt Katie-Do Photo: USA Today

Easing the effects of chemo with kindness

Through the kind donations of people who heard about Maddie’s idea, the first batch of 50 Katie-Do Kare Kits 4 Kids were delivered to St Louis Children’s Hospital at the start of March 2016. Each kit includes activities and comfort items to help ease the side effects of children with cancer who are enduring chemotherapy – including handmade blankets.

Kinsey Siadek, a 17-year-old-girl with osteosarcoma, was one of the patients really excited to receive a kit.

“Some of the items came at a time where I really needed them. I was just talking to my mom about how I desperately needed to cut my nails!”

Kinsey Siadek - today
Kinsey opens her Katie-Do Kare Kit Photo:

Kinsey said her favourite item was the handmade blanket but that she was getting most use out of the hand sanitiser.

Find out more on Facebook

Much like Maddie, the team at NRS Healthcare are dedicated to helping those who are more vulnerable live an independent life by raising awareness of the equipment available that can really make a difference. Maddie and her family are continuing to document the success of Katie-Do Kare Kits 4 Kids on their dedicated Facebook page, so head over for more news and photos on Maddie’s incredible, selfless journey.

Maddie at hospital

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