Posted on 16/12/2020

10 gifts for tech lovers this Christmas

10 gifts for tech lovers this Christmas

If you’re looking for a gadget or gizmo to help them to live their best lives this Christmas, check out our gift ideas below for some festive inspiration.

1: Under Pillow Vibration Alarm Clock

For the deep sleeper or those that need to rely on vibration as well as sound to wake, this under-pillow alarm is a great option. It can go under the pillow, letting them feel when the alarm goes off, or on the bedside table, depending on their preference, making it perfect for those who are hard of hearing.

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2: Bellman & Symfom Maxi Pro Personal Amplifier

Make it easier for them to hear the television without having the volume set uncomfortably high for everyone else. This brilliant device can connect to their TV, mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth so they can listen in comfort without having to strain to hear. It also includes an amplifier that they can use it to help them hear conversations with more clarity as well.

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3: Big Digit Talking Watch

If they struggle to tell the time with a standard watch, this big digit watch may be a great gift option to consider. It has a clear, oversized LCD display, four different alarms, a stopwatch function, and announces the time and date in a clear voice. The Big Digit Talking Watch is available for men and women and is an ideal choice for those with visual impairments.

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4: Flashing Doorbell with Vibrating Pager

Give them a gift that’ll help them be more aware of visitors to their home. This doorbell is ideal for those who are hard of hearing as it includes an alarm unit that flashes and a pager that vibrates when the doorbell is pushed. Meaning they’ll be less likely to miss important visitors because they can’t hear the knocking.

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5: CL8500 Clamshell Mobile Phone

Are they after a mobile phone that’s hearing aid compatible and a little easier to use? The CL8500 Clamshell Mobile Phone might be just what they need. It’s hearing aid compatible and has an adjustable receiving volume control. It also features large, clear dial buttons and an integral ‘In Case of Emergency (I.C.E)’ function for added peace of mind.

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6: Vibration 5 Alarm Pill Reminder Box

As the name suggests, this great little pill box features five different alarms to remind them to take their medication on time. It uses sound and vibration in the alarms, making it easier for those who have a hearing impairment to know when it’s the right time to take their pills.

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7: Magnetic Door & Window Open Alarm

If they are prone to wandering, or care for someone who has a tendency to wander off, these easy-to-attach alarms alert them to a door opening with a loud alarm through the main unit. The alarm will keep sounding until either the door is closed again or the on/off switch is switched off.

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8: GeeMarc AmpliDECT 295 Big Photo Button Cordless Telephone

For the person who loves to talk on the phone but who struggles with remembering phone numbers, this could be an ideal gift option to consider. It has ten photo buttons on the base unit, meaning it’s easy to see and remember what speed dial button is connected to what number. It also has an answerphone, can store up to 50 numbers, and is amplified too.

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9: Family & Friends Auto-Dialling Emergency Alarm

Do they live alone and worry about falling? Get them peace of mind this Christmas with this useful emergency alarm. It includes a panic alarm that, in an emergency, they can press the button and then the main unit dials one of three pre-programme telephone numbers  up to 5 times or until someone answers.

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10: Talking Button Alarm Clock

If they’re living with a vision impairment or experiencing memory loss, this alarm clock could be a very useful Christmas gift. It has a high contrast white button mounted on a black case surround and announced the time, day, and date in a loud, clear voice when the button is pushed. It also has an easily set alarm feature too.

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If you’re not sure if a product is right for your loved one’s needs and need some help, please get in touch with our free Product Advice Service on 0345 121 8111 or email [email protected].

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