Posted on 13/07/2017

Open garden season – how to give gardens the VIP treatment

Open garden season – how to give gardens the VIP treatment

It’s that time of year when green fingered enthusiasts across the UK open their gardens to the public to raise money for their chosen charity and we’re here to show you how you could get involved – no matter what your physical abilities.

We may have a love/hate relationship with the British weather but one thing is certain, it makes our Summer the perfect time to grow a magnificent array of flowers, whilst keeping our gardens beautifully lush and green.

In the UK alone, there are around 27 million people who partake in gardening, which is a huge portion of the 64 million people in the general population. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the National Open Garden Scheme continues to grow in popularity with garden owners opening their outdoor spaces to the public and raising money for various nursing charities through entry fees, teas and slices of cake.

Tools for creating a delightful open garden

If you have limited dexterity in your hands or fingers, or you’re living with a condition that restricts your mobility, you may think taking on a gardening project will be too much of a challenge. However, it’s important to remember the health benefits which come with spending time in your own outdoor space.

Last year, a report by independent charity The Kings Fund showed that having access to or living nearby green spaces not only improves health problems but also reduces obesity, increases physical activity, improves companionship, builds a sense of identity/belonging and raises happiness levels.

With so many positive reasons to get out and create your own beautiful open garden this summer, we’re here to ensure your gardening experience is as simple and enjoyable as possible with a range of adapted gardening tools.

Garden Trowel - Gardening blog
The Easi-Grip Garden Trowel has an ergonomically designed handle to keep your hand and wrist comfortable in a natural position. An Arm Support Cuff can also be bought and added to the Weeder which strengthens your forearm.

Garden Kneeler - Gardening blog
Garden in comfort with a soft padded seat and steep arms to minimise effort getting up and down!

Garden Cart - Gardening blog
This Wheeled Garden Trolley folds for easy storage when not in use and comes with a pull handle, making it ideal for carrying plants, tools and other gardening items.

Long handled tools - Gardening blog
If you find it difficult to bend or stretch, then this set of long handled tools may be just what you’re looking for. Available to buy separately, you can choose from a long handled hoe, cultivator, trowel, fork or additional arm support cuff.

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