Posted on 02/04/2015

Eating & Drinking Aids for Children

Eating & Drinking Aids for Children

Feeding children can sometimes be tricky. They require a little extra help and need to develop the skills to learn to feed themselves. We have a wide range of eating and drinking aids that have been specially designed for children.

Clothes protectors

Bibs and Clothing Protectors are ideal for a variety of activities, not just eating and drinking. They can be used during activities like painting to protect your child’s clothes. Designed to fit a variety of sizes, they are made from fully washable materials so can be used time and time again.

Help when drinking

We also have a range of Cups, Straws, Beakers and Mugs to help a child drink liquids and semi-solid liquids. The Sucup helps the person to drink blended food easily, while an integral vacuum in the straw requires a small amount of sucking to push food up the straw. It can also be used while reclining, and won’t spill the blended food. There are also cups and beakers which have two handles, making it easier for the child to hold when drinking.

Children's cutlery

A choice of children’s cutlery is also available. These have been specially shaped to fit comfortably in a child’s hands and to offer extra grip. The design also means that the contoured profile is minimised, which means it looks just like standard cutlery.

The cutlery is ideal for use with the Soft Grip Children’s Plates and Bowls. These are made for those who might need a little extra help with carrying and holding plates or bowls. The soft grip bumpers and the grip on the base make them stable and easy to handle. A fun cartoon design at the bottom of the bowl/plate encourages children to eat in order to reveal the image.

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