Posted on 06/08/2015

How to choose the right bath aids


There’s nothing quite like a lovely, hot bath to alleviate you of your worries, relax your muscles and provide the chance to enjoy some quality ‘me’ time. But if you’re having difficulty lifting yourself in and out of the tub, it may be time to start looking for a bath aid which can give you some extra support.

Choosing the right bath aid will give you the opportunity to continue indulging in those longed-for, peaceful moments by making it much easier for you to get in and out of the water. There are many different bath aids to choose from, including:

  • A bath seat
  • A bathboard
  • A swivelling bath seat
  • A grab rail

Why should you choose a bath seat?

If you can get into the bath, but you’re finding it harder to get out, your best option is likely to be a bath seat, which is a bath aid that enables you to sit in the water but not at the base of the bath. In addition to helping you rise, a bath seat is also:

  • Easy to fit and remove so other people can use the bath
  • Great to use with a bathboard for even easier mobilisation


Why should you choose a bathboard?

If you find it difficult to lift your legs over the side of the bath, a bathboard, can be a highly useful bath aid as it enables you to sit and lift each leg separately into the bath. There are several benefits to using a bathboard:

  • Easy to fit
  • Various sizes available
  • Bath can still be used by other people
  • Can be used with an over bath shower
  • Can be used with a bath seat if you wish to get into the water


Why should you choose a swivelling bath seat?

A swivelling bath seat (as the name suggests) is a bath aid with a swivelling seat, which sits over the bath to help you move your legs over the side. Features of a swivelling bath seat include:

  • Easy to fit with adjustable width
  • Supports your back while swivelling and lifting legs
  • Can be used with an over bath shower
  • Corner bath options available


Why should I choose a grab rail?

A grab rail is a super useful and popular bath aid which can be used with all bath seat options to give extra support, making you feel safer whilst climbing in and out of the water. It also helps you to retain your balance, lessening the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

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