Posted on 29/04/2016

Living with a reduced hand grip or tremor

Living with a reduced hand grip or tremor

Difficulties with use of the hands can be very challenging to live with, so if you or someone you know have just been diagnosed with a tremor or living with a reduced hand grip, take a look at this short guide, written by our professional Occupational Therapists.

Their invaluable advice will highlight what to expect after diagnosis and suggest a range of useful products that can help you live independently for longer.

What causes reduced hand grip or tremor?

Reduced hand grip occurs when movement of the fingers is restricted due to inflammation, stiffness or pain; this makes it difficult to hold objects and complete everyday tasks. Tremor is an involuntary trembling or shaking of the body, usually in the hands or arms. Reduced hand grip or tremor is often a symptom associated with an underlying medical condition or frailty.

What to expect after diagnosis

If you experience symptoms of reduced hand grip or tremor you should consult your GP as soon as possible. There may be an underlying medical cause that they can investigate and manage or treat.

How can quality of life be improved?

Activities and routines can be adjusted to reduce the difficulties from having a reduced hand grip or tremor. Using the right kind of household products can help – such as the ones mentioned below.

Which products are best to use?

When it comes to eating and drinking, there are several options which can help reduce the difficulties of these tasks due to stiffness or tremor. The Easi 2 Drink mug has a cleverly designed insert which controls and steadies the liquid in the cup, reducing the risks of spills due to tremor. Large handled mugs are also available which are easier to grip.

Kura Care Cutlery features contoured handles which are designed to be easier to grip for those living with stiffness in their hands. Similarly, Good Grips Cutlery offers another, more comfortable option when eating.

A Pill Popper is a simple aid that can help with getting medication out of blister packs – perfect if you have reduced function in your hands or arms.

Kitchen tasks can be made easier with the right products. A knife with a contoured handle can make cutting ingredients easier, whilst a Cooking Basket can reduce strain on the wrist when draining water from vegetables cooked in a pan. Opening jars and bottles can be made less difficult by using a Derby Spill Not Jar and Bottle Opener with a Dycem jar opener.

Preparing hot drinks can also be made safer by using a kettle tipper; there are different tipper types available, so make sure you check the tipper will fit your kettle before you buy.

Why choose NRS Healthcare?

By choosing NRS Healthcare you can benefit from free product advice, by using our Occupational Therapist (OT) advice line. Our OTs can advise you about the best products suited to your needs.

NRS Healthcare is a member of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), so you can be confident of buying from a trustworthy retailer. NRS Healthcare also offers free delivery on orders excluding VAT over £40.

Extra things to consider

There is a lot of choice available and it is important to find the right products to suit your individual requirements. Contact NRS Healthcare to get free advice on the right products for your needs by calling 0345 121 8111.

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