• Introduction
  • What are dressing aids and why should you use them?
  • Dressing aids for health conditions
  • Which dressing aid is right for you?
  • Things to consider

How to choose the right dressing aids



Dressing aids are usually small items, each designed to assist with a specific area of dressing or personal grooming which you may be finding difficult due to restricted movement or feeling pain when bending or stretching.

There are many different types of dressing aids which can make getting ready much easier and some of the most popular include:

Of course there are a number of other dressing aids designed to help with various tasks at home so feel free to explore your options before deciding which is best for your needs.

What are dressing aids and why should you use them?

If you, or someone you care for, are experiencing pain or stiffness when getting dressed, you might feel that you need something to help you.

Dressing aids will help to reduce the movement which causes pain or incites difficulty and assist you in completing the task using an alternative method – such as a Dressing Stick, Combi-Reacher or even a Bra Angel.

A dressing aid would be of use if you’re experiencing:


When choosing a “reacher”, don’t just go for the longest because you think you’re getting more for your money! If you’re petite, with a shorter arm span, a smaller length reacher may be better and help you avoid awkward stretching to reach the item you’ve picked up. See our video for more guidance

Dressing aids may help those with the following health conditions

Which dressing aid is right for you?


    • Prevents awkward bending & stretching

    • Available in 26” and 32”

    • Pull up your trousers with ease

    • Great for anyone with reduced grip

    • Walking frame clip for easy travel

    • Supports you in lifting stiff or immobile legs
    • Perfect for anyone with lower body mobility issues
    • Two handles make lifting legs easier
    • Reinforced foot loop for security and durability
    • Helps you get in and out of bed or position your legs to put on shoes/socks

Things to consider

  • You will already know what tasks are becoming difficult for you so the next step is to choose the right dressing aid to help make your daily routine easier. Using these simple tools could also help to prevent falls caused by bending and stretching to get dressed.

    • Do you need help putting your clothes on?
      A dressing stick helps you to position clothes onto your shoulder to make it easier to put your arm into the sleeve.
    • Have you got limited dexterity in your hands and fingers?
      You may find that fastening a shirt or cardigan can be fiddly – a button hook will make buttons easier to fasten.
    • Are your hip joints or lower legs painful?
      A leg lifter can help position your legs to put shoes or socks on, avoiding painful bending and stretching. It can also help you get in and out of bed.
    • Do you worry about overbalancing?
      A sock helper will even work with compression stockings to prevent you from tipping forwards, whilst a combi-reacher can travel with you to help reach objects that may otherwise require you to stretch, risking a fall.
    • Is it difficult to put on your shoes?
      If you are struggling to tie your shoe laces, some elastic laces will transform your shoes to slip-on, whilst also making it easier to use a shoe horn.