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  • MRS MIRIAM ORRITT Excellent service
    Excellent service. And arrived 2 days later.
  • MO WADE Packed well
    Packed well, fast delivery god product,. Very happy. Thank you..
      • MRS MIRIAM ORRITT Excellent service
        Excellent service. And arrived 2 days later.
      • MO WADE Packed well
        Packed well, fast delivery god product,. Very happy. Thank you..

Disability Aids

Here at NRS Healthcare, we specialise in disability equipment, mobility aids and rehab supplies, such as disability aids and mobility products to help you get back on your feet after an operation, or to make your life easier if you are unable to get around easily.

We supply our customers with only the best in mobility aids, disability and rehabilitation equipment, because our goal is to make their lives as easy and as care free as possible. So, to help realise this goal, we stock a huge range of different rehab supplies for a huge range of needs, from sensory loss and aids for daily living to infection prevention and toileting, NRS has it all.

We constantly review and update our product range to make sure we can offer the best products possible to all of our customers, because we don't see them as just another sale; we genuinely care and are proud to make a difference.

Our disability aids are proven, long lasting and manufactured to only the highest industry standards, with a fantastic range of products available. We have everything you could possibly need from swivel seats for disabled drivers to grab rails, bath seats, bed pads, reachers, wheelchair tables and garden tables.

If you need to know anything else about our range of disability aids, or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact.

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Mobility Products

For the majority of us, moving is something we never have to think about until doing so becomes a problem. At NRS we understand that when people do get into difficulty with mobility it's important to help them keep their independence. That's why we have an extensive collection of specialist mobility aid products in order to keep people mobile and enjoying active lives.

We supply people with a wide range of mobility products and mobility aids, from aids for daily living and exercise to infection prevention and therapeutic resources, helping everyone from the elderly and infirm to young children in paediatric care, from those with sensory loss to those with bariatric needs.

Our goal at NRS is to make the lives of every customer we have as easy as it can be, which is why we supply such a wide range of high quality mobility aid products to the entire UK, making sure that we reach as many people as we possibly can.

The mobility products we provide are tough, long lasting and made to only the highest standards. Our range features all the mobility aids you could ever need - from care walkers, door frame ramps and walking sticks to emergency evacuation equipment, swimming pool transfers and harnesses.

NRS is a British Healthcare Trades Association award winner for its high levels of customer service, and provides top quality, innovative equipment worldwide to enhance lives and enable individuals, helping them to live with a level of independence and comfort that would not otherwise be possible.

If you have any questions about our mobility products or about NRS in general, feel free to contact us through the website via our contact page or by phone.

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Disability Equipment

We supply the whole of the UK with only the best and most effective disability equipment and rehab supplies, making sure that all of our private and commercial customers are 100% satisfied with our products. Here at NRS, it is our number one priority to make the lives of people with disabilities, and their families, as comfortable and happy as possible.

Our extensive range of disability equipment helps with various aspects of daily life, whether it's out and about, or in and around the home. We've worked hard to build a range that not only features effective products, but ones at reasonable, affordable prices, so even more people get to benefit from our positive life changing disability equipment.

The versatility and quality of our disability equipment incorporates a wide range of products from toileting equipment such as commodes and support rails, support cushions and grab rails for sitting; to mobility scooters, wheel chairs and walking frames for when users are outdoors. NRS abides by the BHTA Code of Practice, which is approved by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). This assures our effectiveness in safeguarding and promoting the interests of consumers beyond the basic requirements of the law and those consumers can buy from us with the utmost confidence.

You can browse through our entire range by using the category pages of our website. If you have any questions about our services or products you can reach us via the contact page or by phone, Monday to Friday between 8.30 am to 5 pm.

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Mobility Supplies

Mobility is something we take for granted until it becomes difficult or challenging. Here at NRS, we understand how important it is to help people retain independent mobility, which is why we have a large range of specialist mobility aids to help keep people mobile and active.

We believe in helping people lead a comfortable and happy lifestyle. We're always reviewing our entire range of products and mobility equipment to ensure that they're as effective and useful as possible. We believe in putting people first, and improving their lives for the better.

Our mobility equipment is strong, durable and manufactured to the highest standard. Our variety of mobility products range from assistance aids such as walking sticks and grab bars, to high dependency, specialist wheel chairs and transfer boards.

NRS is a leading supplier of daily living aids and services, and has been supplying rehabilitation and mobility equipment for over 60 years. We provide equipment for private buyers, residential homes, the NRS and many more companies. We are members of the British Healthcare Trades Association and have received awards for our excellent customer service, innovation and product design.

Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers with great value, innovative mobility equipment which helps to improve quality of life and really makes a difference. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best for our customers, because we genuinely care about having a positive impact on peoples' lives.

If you have any questions about our mobility equipment, or would like any more information, please contact us via our website or through other mediums listed on our contacts page.

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Rehab Supplies

Here at NRS, we are dedicated to providing the best products available to help people remain independent and to improve their quality of life.

We are proud to work with the NHS and local authorities, plus private buyers and residential homes, to help provide practical aids for daily living which really make a difference. We are a leading supplier of rehabilitation equipment and have been helping people maintain a happy, independent and comfortable lifestyle for over 65 years.

Our huge range of products helps to aid with many different aspects of daily life, from toileting to mobility. We strive to provide the best and most effective products at reasonable prices, because we genuinely care and want to make a difference to peoples' lives.

Our aids for daily living and rehabilitation supplies are versatile and durable. Not only can they help with someone who struggles with mobility, they can also assist people suffering with dementia and other diseases. Our products and rehab equipment aims to improve peoples' sense of wellbeing in addition to their quality of life. We are constantly reviewing and updating our products to ensure they're as efficient and effective as possible.

We are award winning members of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) and have received awards in customer service, innovation and product design.

We hope you will find our website helpful and easy to use. If you have any questions about any of our products or services, or would like more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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